Surname Registry

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Surnames   Researcher      Surnames   Researcher
Anderson-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  McDaniel-Mary Ann Flowers
Ashburn-Linda Davis  |  McLaughlin-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey
Barwick-Mildred Posey  |  Minshew-Tanya Watts Lynn
Bettis-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Monroe-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Billingsley-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Morris-Roy Flowers
Blair-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Munhall-Miranda Phinney
Booth-Louise Collins  |  Nelson-Lorrie Stanford
Boudreaux-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey  |  Newsome-Deanna Ramsey
Bowers-Betty Green  |  Oaks-Betty Green
Bradham-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Outzs-Tanya Watts Lynn
Bratcher-Norma Whiddon  |  Pappy-Lorrie Stanford
Brown-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Parish/Parrish-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish
Brown-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Parrum-Tanya Watts Lynn
Cagle-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Patterson-Tanya Watts Lynn
Calhoun-Deanna Ramsey  |  Payne-Tanya Watts Lynn
Carpenter-Faye Munroe  |  Phinney-Kathy Lyda
Carraway-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Pickren-Kathy Schmidt
Chick-Miranda Phinney  |  Pickron-Deanna Ramsey
Chitwood-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Pigott-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Cook-Linda Durrant Thompson  |  Pitts-Mary Ann Flowers
Crowson-Syble Owens  |  Player-Tanya Watts Lynn
Curtis-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Posey-Sherrie Posey Miller
Daniels-Linda Durrant Thompson  |  Price-Kay Hollis
Davis-Mary Ann Flowers  |  Raker-Bill & Chris Robert
Davis-Syble Owens  |  Ramsey-Deanna Ramsey
Donnelley-Betty Green  |  Rawls-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish
Dowling-Faye Munroe  |  Revell-Tanya Watts Lynn
Durrance-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Revell-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Dykes-Deanna Ramsey  |  Rhodes-Bobbery Ann Rosier
Emerson-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Richards-Mary Ann Flowers
Evans-Deanna Ramsey  |  Roberts-Bill & Chris Robert
Flowers-Roy Flowers  |  Roberts-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Frank-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Rodgers/Rogers-Mary Ann Flowers
Fripp-Kathy Schmidt  |  Sanders-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Garrett-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey  |  Sigma-Kay Hollis
Gibbs-Miranda Phinney  |  Smith-Bill & Chris Robert
Glenn-Faye Munroe  |  Smith-Bobbery Ann Rosier
Gorman-Miranda Phinney  |  Smith-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey
Grantham-Deanna Ramsey  |  Smith-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish
Gray-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Smith-Tanya Watts Lynn
Greeman-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Snow-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish
Green-Betty Green  |  Stanford-Lorrie Stanford
Guy-Deanna Ramsey  |  Stephens-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Hagan-Deanna Ramsey  |  Sunday-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Hall-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Taylor-Tanya Watts Lynn
Hancock-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Thomas-Betty Green
Hand-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Tison-Kathy Schmidt
Harrelson-Roy Flowers  |  Treadaway-Linda Davis
Hartsfield-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Trice-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Harvey-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey  |  Tucker-Bill & Chris Robert
Hathaway-Mary Ann Flowers  |  Vause-Bill & Chris Robert
Hayes-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Vause-Tanya Watts Lynn
Hesser-Louise Collins  |  Vickers-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish
Hester-Mary Ann Flowers  |  Vinzant-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Hill-Deanna Ramsey  |  Walker-Tanya Watts Lynn
Howell-Deanna Ramsey  |  Walton-Danny/Laura Brown
Hughes-Kay Hollis  |  Ward-Kathy Schmidt
Hussey-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Warren-Roy Flowers
Jones-Laura Jones  |  Watts-Tanya Watts Lynn
Kelly-Mildred Posey  |  Weldon-Deanna Ramsey
Kirby-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Wells-Miranda Phinney
Kirby-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank  |  Wester-Deanna Ramsey
Langston-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Whaley-Bill & Chris Robert
Lewis-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Whiddon-Norma Whiddon
Lock-Bill & Chris Robert  |  White-Tanya Watts Lynn
Martin-Kathy Schmidt  |  Wilcox-Cathy Marlene Gray Frank
Martin-Myrtle McKenzie  |  Williams-Louise Collins
Mathis-Tanya Watts Lynn  |  Wood-Louise Collins
Mattox-Reneé Murray Smith Parrish  |  Wrenn-Carolyn Wrenn Harvey