Heritage Village Vision

"Treasures from our past enriching lives today"

Conceptual plan for Heritage Village

A place where one's memory can run free while strolling through a collection of historical buildings preserved from Wakulla's past. Walk among these sentinels of time and listen for the laughter and joy, heartaches and sorrows, the family circles preparing for a day of work or rest.

Experience, in these preserved structures, Wakulla County pioneers sharing a life and time gone by, enhanced by historical facts and information interpreted by volunteer guides, signs and kiosks. Cooperative hands on educational programs in a community pavilion. Live folk theater based on authentic stories performed by community volunteers interpreting history through song and drama. The serene setting of the Village will offer hiking trails through and around the park, places for conversation, rest and reflection.

In August 2012, almost forty acres of land was given by the Ben Boynton family for the Heritage Village Park. To be included in the Village are 10 historic homes and two community schools. Read the history and see photos of the homes in "The Greens and Cornbread of Wakulla County: Historical Stories Told by the People" available at the WCHS Old Jail Shop.

Some of the buildings donated:

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Murray McLaughlin, Heritage Village Chairman

Photo of Smith Creek School
Smith Creek School
Photo of Smith Creek School
Smith Creek School